Overriding filter settings

Fallback filter

It’s possible to set a fallback filter name. This filter is taken, if you provide no filter_name to the formatter-instance:

print formatter('This is *markdown* text', filter_name=None)

{{ entry.content|apply_markup:"" }}

In this case, add a variable in your settings.py called MARKUP_FILTER_FALLBACK:


With this, the above examples would converted using the linebreaks filter.

Arguments to the markup filter

You can pass arguments to the markup-filter itself. Here is a real world example:

    'restructuredtext': {
        'settings_overrides': {
            'initial_header_level': 2,
            'doctitle_xform': False,
            'footnote_references': 'superscript',
            'trim_footnote_reference_space': True,
            'default_reference_context': 'view',
            'link_base': ''

    'markdown': {
        'safe_mode': True,
        'extensions': ('tables', )

With the above setting, the call of the markdown function would like:

markdown.markdown(text, safe_mode=True, extensions=('tables',))