Usage in Django templates

django-markup provides a templatetag to apply filter on variables or text.

First make sure that in every template you want to use django-markup the template library markup_tags is loaded:

{% load markup_tags %}

Then apply the apply_markup on strings or variables you want to convert. The tag has one argument which defines the Filter you want to apply:

{{ entry.content|apply_markup:"markdown" }}
{{ "One line of a *string*"|apply_markup:"markdown" }}

Of course you can apply more than one filter:

{{ entry.content|apply_markup:"markdown"|apply_markup:"smartypants" }}

Multiline strings

You can use this filter for multiline strings too:

{% filter apply_markup:"markdown" %}
# Hello World #

I am a text that was converted with **markdown**!
{% endfilter %}

This results in:

<h1>Hello World</h1>
<p>I am a text that was converted with <strong>markdown</strong>!